Friday, May 1, 2009

"Almost Over a Year"

"Almost Over a Year"

* * *

This the first piece I wanted to do for Terrible Yellow Eyes, though tragically it is lacking in the aforementioned terrible, yellow eyes. Even so, I wanted to make an iconic piece that sought to honor the spirit of the book. In that respect, among others, the piece needed to be completely traditional watercolor. It's been some time since I've pursued a straight watercolor and it proved (as always) to be challenging. But I'm pleased with the result.

I just can't get over how beautiful Where the Wild Things Are really is, every page. In some ways I've only just discovered how truly gifted Sendak is by working on these pieces. There is some magic to making a Wild Thing.

Sendak has given us all such a gift in this book. And I only hope to give something back with this little project. Give something back, and honor the sacred tradition of children and monsters.