Friday, June 12, 2009

Vector Thing

I like Nik Holmes story of how he came to rediscover Where the Wild Things Are almost as much as I like his vector illustration.

"I grew up in a house which never had any books (shocking when I think about it) and when visiting my friends house would love the huge collection his family had. Loving to draw, as all children do, I was especially enamored with Maurice Sendak and the amazing island of Wild Things he created. I would sit and pore over the pages, transfixed, instantly transported away to this magical land. When I bought the book for my own son a few years ago ... I was amazed at how much shorter the book was than I remembered. Sendak had created such an amazing world, and I had been so drawn in, that it had increased in size a hundred fold in my child's minds eye. I felt like I had been on the island myself through night and day, and in and out of weeks."

Visit his site to see more of his work.