Friday, January 1, 2010

"And in and out of weeks"


I want to say thank you. The response I've had to the idea has gone beyond what I ever imagined for it. The project has truly become what I had hoped for but did not imagine exactly possible. When I think about the response, the show, and contributing artists involvement and the level of jaw dropping work, it's really nothing more than a testament to just how bad people love Maurice Sendak.

* * *

My goal all along for TYE was to honor the book and express my love for it in pictures because I just couldn't do it with words, no matter how hard I tried. I've been humbled by the response of so many incredibly hard working, gifted artists.

Putting together Terrible Yellow Eyes has been the fulfillment of a years long desire to do something more than just enjoy Where the Wild Things Are. Maurice Sendak has influenced me and countless others so profoundly, so completely altering the face of what a children's book is and what the medium can be, it seems the only thing we could have ever done was to just celebrate it.

Thank you all!